This is a light object which 'grows' to the dark, because there we need light. The design is based on a climbing plant and consists of six different parts. Each part has two LDR's; sensors measuring the light. At the darkest side there will start a yellow LED burning, at this side you will put the next part. In this way 'Grow' is growing into the dark.

88 x 130 cm
PCB, electronics, LED's



Your personal Brainlight is custom made according to a list of questions. This questionnaire contains statements like 'I am chaotic' of 'I get aggressive easily', each of which can be rated from 1 (totally disagree) to 5 (totally agree). The answers you give will be translated by the designer into curves in the brain. Answer 1 is a sharp curve to the left, answer 2 is a slight curve to the left, answer 3 is straight, and so on. This is how a unique brain pattern appears.

20 x 13 x 12 cm of 30 x 19 x 18 cm


This wall light is made of dismissed devices collected by the designer. The idea is to reveal the functional beauty of the devices. To achieve this, the pieces are stripped and exposed in a transparent box. The old Honeywell thermostat controls, via the dimmer and the heat-resistor, the lightbulb. The lamp can be programmed to burn at specific times.

31 x 22 x 21 cm
Stripped devices, perspex

Foto: Sven Jacobs

Four on a row

This installation was made in commission for Strandleven21, an art project which took place at different beaches along the coast of Noord-Holland. Together with de Groene Honden (a design collective), Lola developed the idea to play with the elements on the beach; water, sun, wind and sand. They made a Tetris game with sand-bags, a wall decoration in where the shadow of the sun finishes the picture and a four-on-a-row game with windsocks.
Four on a row is to be played with two players. They both have their own colour of windsocks. The aim is to have the most rows of four in your own colour.

200 x 300 x 60 cm
Kite-textile, bamboo


This is a lighting design for a bicycle tunnel. The LED-light reacts on the sounds in the tunnel: The louder the sound, the more light. Like the equalizer on a stereo system. A clacking bicycle might produce one stripe of light, a scooter will turn on the whole wall. With this design Lola wants to improve the attractiveness of a bicycle tunnel. The idea is that the more people pass by, the more safe you will feel.

7 x 3 x 50 m
LCD, glass



In this project the shape of each lamp is determined by it's 'genes'. The genes represent sizes, for example the width of the canopy, the angle of the canopy, the length of the cable. When a new lamp is ordered, it's DNA will be a combination of two lamps of choice, with a small chance for mutation. In this way a process of evolution is started.

Variable within 40 x 40 x 150 cm
Powder-coated RVS



Project for dance festival Defqon1 (by Q dance) on the beach of Almere. Among other HKU students, Lola was invited to do something with a sea container. The theme was 'scrap'. Lola created this huge lounge with all kinds of seating areas. First there were pieces cut out of the container, then a construction was welded. Old mattresses formed the seats. Scrapville appeared to be the best spot to smoke pot during the festival.

600 x 244 x 260 cm
Sea container, mattresses



A fruit bowl which draws it's own journey. Between the two layers of the bowl there is a freely moving ink reservoir with a peg. When you move the bowl, the peg will draw a line on the bottom of the bowl. So every movement will be registered. This pattern was created during a bicycle ride from school to home.
The idea for this design came from the wish to make a product more personal.

39 x 39 x 10 cm
Polystyrene, ink



Interior for a tea-house inspired on the story of Alice in Wonderland, designed in collaboration with Suzanne Rietdijk and Rosalie Bak. In Wonderland creatures can drink a magic drink which makes you or very small or very big. We tried to translate the feeling of being abnormal small or big into this interior by letting the room literally shrink towards the end. For example: In the front of the room a chair is eighty centimetre high, while in the back it's just thirty. Also the height of the ceiling reduces. The flamingo's are a reference to all the weird animals in Alice of Wonderland.

20 x 12,5 m
Different materials



This project is made in collaboration with Karlijn Souren, Angelica Consejo and Roza Pelgrom. It's a speculation about the future, to be precise the year 2020. We predicted that society would focus on living in communities, for more efficiency and safety. For example there would be a shared daycare for all the children of a city and a big dining-room for the whole neighbourhood. Everything very well organized. This vacuum stuffed animals are a visualisation of our concept.

18 x 24 cm
Stuffed animal, vacuum bag



The inspiration for this lamp came from the idea to show an object without the object itself, but by material around the object. Polyurethane is perfect for this purpose, as it's liquid and can be poured. Lola experimented with different viscosities to get the best drips. The next challenge was to integrate the cable and socket into the design by pouring all over it. She achieved this by hanging the lamp in the stairwell and pour the polyurethane from the first floor.

12 x 12 x 125 cm



For the 'HEMA ontwerp wedstrijd' (a design contest by HEMA, a Dutch warehouse) of 2004 Lola designed this tableware. The design was inspired by bomb shelters, castles and other defensive buildings. The plates, bowls and cups are all stackable and easy to produce.
The title is Dutch for 'concentrate', and refers to the trough-like appearance of the bowl.
'Krachtvoer' was along the 20 nominations for the best design.

Variable sizes



This lamp is inspired on the plastic toy-birds that balance on their beak. The toy-birds have got lead in the ends of their wings, which give them balance. This lamp works following the same principle, only with concrete block instead of lead. The bare steel pipe, light bulb and concrete give the design a minimalistic and raw look. The title, G=9,81m/s2, is the scientific formula for gravity.
This is a co-production together with Karlijn Souren and Zoro Feigl.

69 x 34 x 25 cm
Steel, concrete


Tribute to LEGO

This silver seal ring was created for an assignment from art school. The assignment was to design a silver ring, order twenty pieces at a foundry and sell them. As Lola didn't like designing jewellery very much, she asked herself the question: "What do I like?". This is how she got the idea of making a LEGO-ring. With LEGO bricks everybody can customize it's own ring. The ring has all the beautiful details of a real LEGO-brick.

23 x 21 x 15 mm



This chandelier is designed for the canteen of Ymere Wonen West (a housing co-operation) in Amsterdam. The canteen is a eight-cornered room with a high pointed roof. The concept of Lola was to make a chandelier which embraces the whole space with it's projection. In the middle of the chandelier is a tiny, but very strong, halogen light. This causes a very sharp projection of the glass plates on the roof.

160 x 160 x 160 cm
RVS, glass

Foto's: Anton van Daal



Lola made this parasol for an assignment with just the word 'translucent'. The design is based on the fluorescent beauty of fish scales. Lola cut all the hundreds of pieces by hand out of Organza, a translucent fabric and glued them together.

100 x 100 x 65 cm



This drawing is made with fine-liner, marker and pastel. This is not about the design, but to show Lola's drawing skills. For some projects Lola prefers to draw by hand, for some projects she prefers a computer program. The advantage of hand-drawing is that it a drawing looks more lively.

42 x 29 cm
Fine-liner, marker, pastel